Attribute description: "bottom hole temperatures"


Estimated temperature at final total depth. Estimation is done using a second order polynomial fit to the available measured temperatures from a well. Both wire line bht's and DST temperatures are used, but where DST temperatures are available the wire line bht's are omitted. If no data are available from the lower 500 m in a well, no temperature estimate is given for that well.

The diagram below illustrate standard procedure for a well. The uppermost data point, at sea floor, is usually set to 5C. The data point at (15.6C, 165 m bsfl) is from the Peon Discovery re-entry 35/2-1 R, a very shallow well temperature measurement. This data point has been used since the Peon data became available in 2006. In water depths exceeding 600 m the sea floor temperature is set to -0.5 C and the Peon data point is not used. The blue line show final TD in the well, and the intersection between the polynomial fit (thin blue line) and TD give the estimated "bottom holetemperature"